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Fake news flu sheeple.

The great fake news flu hoax.

As of Friday March 13th, 2020 it’s been all COVID-19 all the time from the fake news. The coronavirus plandemic pushed by the mainstream media has shut down the US economy and caused a serious trauma to all Americans alive today. Makes you wonder what is really going on that the fake news isn’t reporting?

Drudge Report 5/20/20.​
Drudge Report 5/20/20.

Before the kung flu, the fake news was all about the shampeachment.

Before that, the fake news was all about how Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.

There, now you’re all caught up on the last seven months of the fake news cycle. Welcome, and enjoy the fake news!

For a look at the real news for this week, Liz Wheeler has it covered: